Saturday, 24 November 2007

Wires sticking out

So earlier this week, a mixture of migraine, sickness and deep pain in the right side of the chest sent me to the doctors. Doctors messed around for a while then sent me on the hospital for emergency surgery.

The excellent surgical (& nursing) staff found and (sort of) fixed the problem, and now i'm in recovery with a hole at the side of my chest.

Unfortunately, i don't have much movement in my right arm at the moment, so anyone expecting emails etc, please be patient, i haven't been ignoring you :-).

ps. This is brought to you in association with painkillers, heavy antibiotics & a nokia e65...please excuse if it doesn't make sense!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

I think I just found another dimention

So, I've had some spare time at work today, and thought I might as well tackle an idea that has been floating around OH towers since before Guadec, which was to use the Gtk offscreen rendering patch to embed Gtk widgets within the Clutter stage.

Now, I only go this working today, and it's pretty hacky, but heres where I am so far:

Clutter + Gtk offscreen rendering patch from Neil Patel on Vimeo (if you can't see the video, click through).

Thats a GtkWindow which has been told to also draw to a GdkDrawable, which is then being pushed into a ClutterTexture (did I mention it was hacky?).

However, thanks to Emmanuele (and by proxy Alex), I have an idea of where to go with this, so hopefully we'll able to have some sort of canvas based on Clutter, where you can manipulate real widgets.

Anyway, that's it for Bling Tuesday, some more updates coming soon :-).

Update: The video doesn't seem to work with some flash players, so here is a link to the original ogg. That's what I get for trying out a new video service