Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ubuntu Varsity Wallpaper

Decided to scratch a "design a wallpaper" itch on Friday. It's the first wallpaper I've created in a very long time but people seemed to like the first cut on Twitter on Friday so I went ahead and created a few more colours and sizes.

It's inspired from a pretty standard t-shirt design and so it's no surprise most people wanted a t-shirt of it! I might create a few mobile size variants if I get some time, but for now here are the links by size, with each archive containing all the colours:

Friday, 11 March 2011

Of Borders and Shadows

Finally, after nearly three cycles, we now have zero pixel window borders and larger shadows for the active window:

Huge thanks go to Sam Spilsbury for generally being awesome but more specifically for adding the invisible-window-borders and state-dependant-shadows to unity-window-decorator and also the ability to tweak these through the theme.

You can see that Radiance needs a tiny amount of work to remove the border around the title-bar that makes it look like the there is a size mismatch, I'm hoping that will get fixed soon.

N.B. Remember this is purely visual, there is still a nice big hit areas on the left, right and bottom edges for you to resize the window with, you just can't see them :)

N.N.B. We'll try and fix before beta.