Tuesday, 30 January 2007

awn - update

Just updated svn with new code which drops the need for a patched libwnck, as it talks directly to X (thanks to some copy-and-paste from the libwnck source ;). It, however, does need testers to make sure it is all working properly.

Now, on to the smart launchers!

Monday, 29 January 2007

avant-window-navigator fc6 rpms available

Added FC6 rpms, including the updated libwnck, to make all you Fedora users lifes a bit easier!!
I have included the debuginfo rpms, which I suggest you install as well so if there is a problem, you get useful output!

*Update* New rpms available here. They should fix the gconf problem, please let me know if they work, either by leaving a quick comment here, or emailing me : njpatel_AT_gmail_DOT_com.

avant-window-navigator initial release!

Finally! avant-window-navigator-0.1.1 is out the door, and after some teething pains, all seems well.

To help people grasp the idea a little better, I have posted some screenshots here.
Also, I have made a screencast (download awn-demo.ogg) which gives you an idea of how Awn works/looks when you are using it (it was my first ever screencast, so forgive the lack of direction :).

If you are using Awn, and hopefully enjoying it, I would love to here from you regarding what features you'd like to see, and/or any ideas regarding the visuals.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Hello World...

...and welcome to my blog. I hope for this to primarily be a place for me to share information about the software that I write for, and my experiences with, Linux. I may also sprinkle in some posts about myself, my life, and my personal experiences, but I promise not to make them too boring!