Thursday, 13 September 2007

How'd you like me now!

So in my tradition of one post per month (which, I know, needs to change), I present you with some updates from the world of Awn:


There have been lots of cool applets popping up, especially since the python bindings were committed a week or so ago.

Stacks player

Main menu


The move to launchpad has also created some very cool branches of Awn by other people which focus on new ideas, or new ways to implement existing ones. Below are two examples, the first being the libawn-effects branch, which migrates a lot of effects code from Awn to libawn, wraps a nice api around them, and adds a few more fancy effects:

The second branch concentrated on providing another approach to the usual linear arrangement of icons on the dock. Awn-curves puts icons on a slight curve which increases the feeling of depth:

Both are quite stable and are in line for a merge :-)

*Update* As usual, the videos have been stripped out, so if you want to see them you'll have to click on the post title above.