Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Android applications on UNR Jaunty - Part Deux

Mike uploaded a video of Android applications running natively on Jaunty UNR:

(didn't realize pgo cuts videos, click here to see it)

The applications are very responsive thanks to the accelerated Android drawing engine (and that means they aren't a burden on the CPU either).

The video shows the Android browser working like normal, which points to the next challenge in getting everything working great: piping the services and the filesystem on the host computer through to the Android runtime so apps can take advantage (and be more useful :).

If you have any questions or just want to bug Mike about getting his packaging finished, you can leave a comment on his blog post.

Update: Added link to video


Anonymous said...

UNR 9.04 is buggied with compiz and netbook-launcher. How are you getting the two to play nice together? That is what I'd like to do. Dell Vostro A90.

Sandy said...

This looks pretty cool. Seems like it could provide a faster development process compared to booting up a virtual device from Eclipse. Eclipse integration would actually be pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

looks like android (with apps) running on jaunty... not "running android apps on jaunty"

don't get the difference ?
like wine versus vm with ms-windows

not (yet) really exciting...

Anonymous said...

It must be Karmic. UNR and Compiz seem to be playing nice together again. Just installed and all is fine again.

Martin said...

I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on new computer. It is quite fast. I was hoping that it would recognise my cell phone over Bluetooth, but this is not the case.

nickkkk7 said...

Any news on this topic?