Saturday, 14 July 2007

So now that we have some depth...

Apparently, if you don't pay attention to your projects forums for more than a week, something beautiful will happen...

Yes, that's Awn svn, in all its 3D and reflective glory :-). I'd like to say a huge thanks to haytjes & nablaa from the forums, who managed to make their patches work together to create this effect. There are also a buch of other fixes in svn, so its well worth the upgrade.

As we all like videos, here's one of the reflection in action:

I've recently got a bunch of help from people for different things regarding Awn (thank you to you all), this should see development become quicker, and bug fixes faster. It'll also mean that I can make a proper roadmap, now that I have some help in achieving it!

In other news

There's a bunch of cool stuff I need to blog about, and as soon as I get some time, I will :-). I'm off to Guadec tomorrow, so there won't be much stuff happening code wise, but I do have an Awn-related surprise for you all when I get back this weekend ;-).


As pointed out, it may help if I told you how to actually get Awn looking like this :-/. You need to change two gconf keys (UI coming soon). For the perspective, navigate to /apps/avant-window-navigator/bar/bar_angle, and set it to 45. For reflection, navigate to /apps/avant-window-navigator/bar/icon_offset, and set it to 18. Restart Awn and enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Massimo said...

Great! Looks really great, but...I do I get it???
is there a "flag" in the preferences wich I have to enable or what?
and what about other news in the project, what are they?
Thanks as usual! To see a new entry in this blog makes me feel a strange vibe up on my spinal cord... :D

DeepThoughts said...

As a previous commenter said: "Avsome!"

Great job, I love this little program. :)

A little question also:

Would you mind sharing you color config for Avant? I love the how it looks with the whiteish against the green. (And since my background also is that kind of green I would love it if my Avant looked like yours.)

Stephen said...


Gavin said...

Thanks to someone on #compiz-fusion, I was notified to the fact that you have to use --prefix=/usr/local for applets to work. However, in your README you suggest --prefix=/usr.

this causes the applets to fail to work.

change your readme please. Thanks

And it's great to hear from you again! :)

Greg said...


Glad to see another update, and even glad-er to see some community involvement! If I could code this would certainly be one project that I would contribute to :D

Keep on keepin' on Neil, and everybody! Love this stuff!

Anonymous said...

nice work....

You need to fire up gconf to change icon offer and panel angle.

Neil J. Patel said...

@massimo: Doh! Should have made that clear:
Change /apps/avant-window-navigator/bar/bar_angle to 45, and /apps/avant-window-navigator/bar/icon_offet to 18, and restart Awn :-).

@gavin: Thats weird, /usr/ works just fine for me, could you point me at the thread?

@deepthoughts: Sure: glass engine 1st step, internal border, and both hi-light colours are set to fully transparent. The main border colour is white with transparency of 47 and the glass engine step two colour is white with 101 transparency.

It'll be much easier to chare themes in the near future as Awn gets theming support (its being worked on in the forums).

@everyone else: Thanks! :-)

AndreCB said...

Thanks a lot for that :D don't know if you accepted "my idea" from google code issiu 260"sugestion for AWN new look" and make this work or not but anyway tnks a lot its awsome

AndreCB said...

please a litle more help on "instaling" this

AndreCB said...

:P may i sugest an other thing :P
i think it would be nicer if active icons came to the front of the bar, if you know what i mean... :P

ekerazha said...

It looks very similar to the Sun's Project Looking Glass (LG3D) bar, however... well done! ;-)

Daniel said...

Pretty cool loooking. It looks just like the Dock in Leopard.

Pensador said...

Looking great! I'll give it a try!

Prem said...

awesome mate! btw what is the gtk2 theme?

Mjama said...

Excellent work!!I live @ northwood hill right around the corner from you .
was looking for linux techie's in the area and here you are!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That doesn't look like the Leopard dock! Nice innovation!

Retention said...

WOW! That is really cool

orn said...

Nice job, I love AWN :) I think there's a problem when autohide is enabled, though; when it starts up it's perfect, but when it autohides and then pops back up, the reflections and icon offset are gone (the icons are at front again, and there's no reflection even when they bounce).

It happens for all the icons (except the Democracy player launcher, weirdly, which still has a reflection). Could you look into that? For now though, I'll leave AWN as is :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What distro/flavor are you using? Looks great. Where can i download/install this really neat app?

elithrar said...

Do you have a link to that wallpaper? That green is amazingly vibrant.

Anonymous said...

This is cool but for a beginning linux user you could REALLY use some more instruction. This took me a long time to figure out what the heck to do.

Why don't you add to the post what you have to change (instead of just having it in different parts of the comments), and maybe explaining HOW to change those settings (such as gconf-editor).

assente said...

Great! It just miss the fisheye effect and it would be perfect!

Joakim said...

I second elithrar, smashing wallpaper.

Massimo said...

Thanks, really cool! But the most important surprise I found looking at gconf was the "resize" of the bar! I was looking for that for a long time!!! :D
Also, I found that there's been added a new applet: Notification Area (systray), really useful, if it's going to be well developed (a thing I'm sure of, like anything from Neil...) it will definively take the place of normal task bar, since I was looking for this since a lot, too. But I want to ask a little thing: when I add the Notification Area applet, it appears only as a vertical white line and I can't even click it, sicne it's too thin. I think it's kinda like the workspace switcher applet in the first version: it's a matter of default size, but could anyone suggest me a solution? I tried in gconf, but I can't find the new applet in /apps/avant-window-navigator/applet...
thanks, bye!
oh, I was forgetting: GREAT WORK!!!

Patrick Stewart said...

wow good job guys. I know it looks identical to the OSX Leopard dock, but im sure its a b**** to code. So congrats.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask ... what background is that? Very vibrant!

macewan said...

terrific background. i'll second the theme request.

Anonymous said...

the background picture comes with windows vista. someone posted it on flickr:

Anonymous said...

...or search google for 'vista leaf'

Anonymous said...

As they say, imitation is the best form of adulation.
I guess people in the OSS world and otherwise can't get enough of copying Apple.
And this time it had to be a guy of Gujju origin! Not exactly the best news for the [not-so-flattering] Indian reputation but at least it's a good copying act this time.
After all, Woody Allen said, "Strive for originality in your work but if you must steal, steal from the best!"

Well, whatever makes them OSS pinkos happy, i suppose!

Anonymous said...

So which distro is it? It seems like many GTK developers are using openSuSE GNOME these days, along with the expected Ubuntu dev crowd. Don't blow our minds and say Foresight...!

Chadwick359 said...

Eh, I wasn't that impressed with the Vista Leaf. But for something similar and (in my opinion) nicer, try

Chadwick359 said...

Ach, Blogger ate my address

Chadwick359 said...

Waiiiitasec, that IS banana leaf!

Voteboob - A Sex Blog said...

Thanks a lot for that, this will make my desktop be teh hawtness.

Anonymous said...

nice, now the icons look like they are literally bouncing.

AndreCB said...

ok we all now thats a briliant work and so... but many of us don't know the "How to" please be more specific on how we make it work... :P

AndreCB said...

beacause in the gconf keys i dont have those 2 lines apps/...

AndreCB said...


ok too all :P after instaling AWN updating whatever run in the terminal gconf-editor then navigate through those paths and do as said before :D

Anonymous said...

I'm running awn now and I think its great but why does it take so long to react to window changes (specifically, adding and removing windows on creation and destroy). The removal of a icon doesn't seem to be in sync with the bar shrinking: the icon has to fade away completely before the bar starts to shrink. I think the animations should start at the same time but the fading moving ever-so-slightly faster.

Anonymous said... is much more interesting. At least it isn't an apple clone...

Anonymous said...

hey the stuff you are working on really shows me that there will be a day where i am able to switch back (from osx to linux).

you should definitly contact the ubuntu guys. i bet that they are very interested in your work!

(and of course i hope that it gets included into the ubuntu repositories veeeery quick) :-)

Anonymous said...

as said in my previous msg (contact ubuntu), the following link could be interesting for you. the ubuntu guys have something like google summer of code.. they offer bounties for cool projects to integrate into ubuntu linux. so why not getting some money for your hard work:

Anonymous said...

Can icon bouncing be turned off ? It's extremely irritating...

Anonymous said...

great looking dock. all that is missing is the zoom plugin. any word on when thats going to be out?

arkanoid said...

I tried to use wm/as docklets with it (p.e. wmwifi), no luck (all i see just static default icon). Am i doing something wrong or this feature is just unsupported?

Peppie said...

Great dock, but the howto can't be correct,..

1 - I've entered the two mentioned keys in my gconf and gave the mentioned values. Result: No reflection can be seen and the background border is still to big.

2. I'm missing the color codes in order to make the dock transparent.

Can you do us all a huge favour and list your gconf keys over here? So we can re-use them? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What are the colours you used for the glass engine? Mine looks all black and yukky. Thanks!!!!!!

ioannusdeverani at

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埼玉 不動産
群馬 不動産
群馬 ハウスメーカー
埼玉 ハウスメーカー
松山市 不動産
香川県 不動産
プレゼント 男の子用
自動車教習所 東京
キャッシュバック 即日
クレジットカード 海外旅行保険
不動産 東京


自動車 保険 見積
知多半島 ホテル
知多半島 温泉
知多半島 旅館


自動車保険 比較
自動車 保険 見積


結婚相談所 横浜
結婚相談所 東京
広島 不動産


東京 ホームページ制作
不動産 広島
広島 不動産
岡山 不動産
高知 不動産
徳島 不動産
高松 不動産

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